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About Us


Award winning premium products lovingly handmade in UK with organic certified ingredients. Devoted to making effective skincare products using clean, pure formulations DEI offers nourishing, potent blends specifically created to soothe, recharge and replenish skin of any age.

DEI means "Divine Nature" in Latin and we chose this as our name because we believe that Nature offers us everything we need for achieving beautiful, radiant skin. Our journey began after a wonderful pregnancy when a new mum’s skin became very sensitive and started to break out easily. Wanting to adopt a clean skincare routine, we created our own face oils and balms and soon discovered the amazing power of pure plant oils and powdered extracts. After a lot of research and months of trialling every ingredient, DEI was born and we are now sharing our beautifully crafted products and our passion for natural skincare with you.

Handmade in small batches to ensure premium quality and formulated exclusively in-house, our products are simply a reflection of what we would like to receive – this means that we carefully select all our ingredients and only use the finest cold-pressed plant oils and powdered plant extracts.

All our products are unisex, contain no silicones, parabens, synthetic fragrances, colours or preservatives and are suitable for all skin types. They have a shelf life of 12 months unopened and 6 months from opening.

DEI range is housed in glass bottles and jars that can be repurposed. We aim to use minimum packaging, so we pack our orders in recyclable tissue paper and ship them in a recyclable postal box. As a young company we are continually aiming to improve our processes and we do our very best to reduce waste.

None of our products have been tested on animals, just our own skin.

We hope you LOVE our skincare line as much as we do and look forward to receiving your feedback!